LIFESTYLE: Chrismas With BHS

How super cute is this video? I just love all the adverts that come out in the run up to Christmas time, they make me even more excited than I already am, if that is even possible (because I am very excited, I absolutely love Christmas, its always been my favorite time of the year, my parents have always made it so much fun for me and my brothers and now Molly haha this is only her second Christmas but last year she definitely got the most presents.) Especially the ones that involve food, lots and lots of food! I love how everyone go and buys and then eats so much amazing yummy food at around Christmas, all the meats, the sweets and the cakes! To be fair, there is that much food at my house all year around because my brother just eat and eat but at everyone else's house and everywhere else you go, Heaven! I love food as you may know if you follow me on twitter, It's all I talk about most days!

And then there is all the big department store adverts which start around about now and are always great, seeing lots of happy people together and all the amazing gifts they have to offer. This one from BHS is especially cute because the toys come to life when the store closes, just like toy story, which is totally one of my favourite films!

hahah dont you just love Hello Kitty.... and Sushi, yuuuuumm. Im so excited for Christmas!

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