EVENT: Supedry, Next, Biscuiteers Press Days

I wrote this post ages ago and must have just forgotten to post it up! I'm talking about my job and Andrew being on holiday haha ohhhh, just ignore those parts.

 I actually made a little bit to time to make it to a few press days. I took the afternoon off of work and started at the Superdry event in their Regents street store! We were photographed in our favourite piece (I tried on the Horserider Jacket! I loved that it was kinda a biker style but not leather, very thick, heavy and warm material) and had a chance to have a look around the new range, very colourful as usual which is one thing that I really love about the brand. Me and Andrew neeed these towels! I love the pink and florescent green is his favourite colour! 
Heres a few more photos from the day!

After that was the Next Press Day in Covent Gardens. They had everything there from Womenswear to Homewhere, Mens and Kids. I only really had a proper look at the womenswear before taking a pit stop with a glass of water and some of their afternoon tea snacks. Next have a great range of pretty evening flats for next season which is a really exciting conept, not having to wear heels to look good! They will be lovely to dinners with Andrew and family outings! very exciting.
And lastly, I made the long trip into Notting Hill for the Biscuiteers Christmas preview but it was certainly worth it! I heard about the brand a few years ago when Andrew got me some of them for valentines day, they were the most amazing biscuits I'd even had but I never heard about them after that, so when I was invited down to the shop to have a look at their christmas range, of course I was going to make an effort to go! How cute are the 3 wise men? They were my favourite out of the whole chirstmas range. As well as all the christmas bits the shop had all its other amazing treats out, and we even got a chance to decorate out own biscuits.
Ps. Sorry I keep mentioning Andrew haha I just read this back and he is mentioned in every paragraph, I sound like a crazy obsessed girlfriend, but I'm not always like this, hes gone on a three week holiday to America and hes spending the last week in Disney. As jealous as I am, I also miss him alot.

Have you been to any fun press days this season?

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  1. I haven't been to any! The downside to living where I to London is long and expensive!


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