FASHION: SpyLoveBuy Wishlist

As you may have noticed if you read my blog, most of the shoes I wear come from SpyLoveBuy - they are my absolute favourite place to buy Shoes Online. I have built up a big collection and I'm always checking the site for new arrivals. I love how often they update their new in section and it's just such an easy website to use.

I first discovered the site last year when I developed my obsession with the Unif hellbounds, they were so perfect but just too expensive, so after a little search I came across their version, almost exactly the same but less than 1/4 of the price! The shoes later started popping up everywhere online but I realised that they were the first by a long shot, that’s where my love started

so, after another little look on the site, I have put together a wish list of all my favourite at the moment!

I'm loving their selection of stilettos at the moment, the gold metal on them add that extra class and the shiny ones are great for Christmas. I already have them in Barbie pink but the holographic ones are next on my heels list. Talking on holographic, the oil spill boots caught my eye even before they were live on the site and I have been lusting after them ever since, they are my favourite of the 6. The knee high boots are perfect for keeping your legs warmer during this freezing winter we are having. 

I just want them all.

Whats on your shoe wishlist?
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  1. Absolutely love number 5! Thanks for introducing me to that site :) And hello btw - I've only just discovered your blog but from a quick skim, it's awesome!

    Sarah Elizabeth xx

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