FASHION: My Winter Wishlist

Yesterday was more freezing that most days, I feel like all of a sudden it's just gotten reaaaaalllyy cold and I just cant handle it! I had my warmest hoodie on and I was still too cold and with my very dodgy back, I can't risk going out and being too cold otherwise it gets really stiff and painful and I'm no use to anyone.  I now actually have to start thinking about getting some warm clothes.

So I spent my lunch break making a wishlist, 

Sadly alot of these things are out of my price range, althoug not all of them. It is a wishlist after all.

Zara - Coat  - I love so much about this coat. The shape is somthing new for me - I've never had a double breasted jacket before. I also love the dark tartan colours! I'm really into dark blue/green tartans at the moment.

Bank - Coat - Don't tell me you dont think this coat is going to be amazingly warm and perfect for through the winter.

Trilogy stores - Current Elliot Jeans - These are super expensive for jeans and are one of those items that I wouldn't be able to afford. I put them in my wishlist because I feel like it is about time that I stopped buying £6 jeans from Primark and invested in a pair of good quality skinnies that hold their colour, not fall apart and last me a little longer.

Jack Wills - Hoodie - Andrew has a big Hollister hoodie similar to this but bright green that I always end up with, it's been in my room for nearly 2 months now because it's so warm and I don't want to give it back to him, maybe it's time I get myself one of these as well haha. These can also be crazy expensive but he got his for £30 in a 75% off sale so I'm waiting for another one of those!

 River Isand - Fluffy Jumper - okay, I think this is getting a bit of an obsession now, but who can resist a cute fluffy jumper. really?!

ASOS - Scarf - Everyone's got a tartan scarf and I love this one but at that price, I think I might have to stick to Primark!

ASOS - Socks -  I always need a nice new pair of knee highs incase I brave the weather in a skirt, i just hate tights too much!

New Look  - White Boots - These are totally not a winter thing but I just want them so badly. I bought the black ones and now I want them in white, And the fact that they are on the site but I cant buy them makes it 100x worse!!

What's On Your Winter Wistlist?
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  1. LOVE that Zara coat, may have to ask Santa nicely x

  2. That coat is gorgeous, and i love that tartan scarf! xx

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