FASHION & LIFESTYLE: Net Voucher Codes and Pets On Bonfire Night

I have two small posts put into one for you today! Hope you guys don't mind.

It really is winter now and as cold and horrible as it is, I still have trouble being comfortable in winter clothes, I know when it started getting cold, all my blogger friends were tweeting about how excited they were to get all snuggley in big knits but I find the whole thing suffocating and restrictive, they are just not clothes I enjoy wearing. So when Net Voucher Codes got in touch to see what kind of winter clothes I'd pick out I had to think long and hard! What I finally came up with was to keep the style of the garment one that I was comfortable wearing, just buy it in wintery colours, patterns and materials,  that way, I can be comfy and layer up with thick knee high socks, hoodies and scarves - so thats what I did

 These are the pieces I picked and I used some of the voucher codes from the site to cut down the price! I got all five of these items for just £75 which is a total bargain, averaging out at £15 per piece! One code gave me 25% off of my order which was great! I have 5 different outfit posts coming up styling each piece, so keep your eye out for those!!

And here's the second post:

Since its coming up to November 5th - Fireworks night - Pets At Home sent me this cute little infographic and I actually found it quite useful! This will be Molly's second fireworks night and all of our first one at out new house! The houses are alot closer together here then where we used to live so I am interested to see what bonfire night has in store for us here! At least I now have some little tips to keep Molly happy when they begin, although she is a bit of a crazy dog anyway so I'm not sure they'll affect her too much!

Do you have a dog? How do they react to fireworks and how do you keep them calm?

And here are some photos of Molly trying to get in on the action this morning while I was trying to take blog photos 

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  1. What a cutie! My staffie is hating the fireworks! xx

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