FASHION: Dancing Dolls

This is called the Isolation Dress and it was designed and hand made to order my Paulina at Dancing Dolls. She makes the dresses out of any colour or pattern material that you like which is amazing, this kind of aqua colour is my favorite ever and I think it looks great with my dark hair! It's also fully lined which I am told "makes the dress figure hugging whilst eliminating any unflattering lumps and bumps, that are commonly exposed by lycra based fabrics." which is also very helpful.

I love wearing interesting clothes for clubbing, not a big fan of the LBD unless it has something special about it - if I were to wear a bodycon (which isn't very often) I love bright colours and new shapes.

 Everything she makes is amazing but I love the back detailing on this dress. When I had my spinal operation at 14 my mum would make me cover up my scar (incase someone saw it and tried to mug me because they though I was weak) but I've always wanted to show it off. I am actually very proud of it as it shows what I have been through so I was very happy to have a dress like this to show it off!
Are you one for bright colours on a night out?


  1. Such a beautiful dress and lined too! I've got to check them out.
    Love the open back and why shouldn't you show off what you've been through- the scar is really neat and healed beautifully :)

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  3. I'm the same, I have had 4 scoliosis operations and have similar scars! I love showing them off x

  4. Ah amazing dress! And wow you're so brave to show your scar off, you go girlfrieendd!

  5. That dress is fierce babe! x

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