LIFESTYLE: How Taking Photography Helped Me

When I was 17 I took a course in photography, I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life and photography was somthing that I had always enjoyed in the past, even if it was only taking photos on my phone. 

Since doing the course I realised that even though I didn't actually want to be a photographer, it's still helped me and I find myself using everything I learnt in everyday life. Its given me a creative background and that is somthing great to add to me CV. I learnt what makes a good photo, how changing the lighting, composition or angle even just the tiniest bit can totally change the whole look of the photograph. It made me look at images and think, why was that image taken and what was the person taking it thinking, was there a purpose. I find all of that stuff really interesting. I learnt about all sorts of photography styles and loved experimenting with different types of black and white film in the darkroom. Learning the whole process was so interesting and watching everyone go crazy when that stupid someone turned the lights on in the darkrom was quite funny too. What I was most amazed to learn was that you dont need a conventional camera to get an image. We used light sensative paper, scanners and even made our own pinhold cameras from pringle tins haha

and without the course I would never have made the effort to go out and buy my SLR - My blog has benefitted hugely from somthing I did long before I even knew what a blog was.
So if your interested in the subject I'd really recommend trying out a course! Especially if your a blogger too - taking photos is a huge part of blogging and when you have good photos, it definitely gets people interested. 

*In collaboration with Middlesex University


  1. I love taking a photo too but i dont know if I should enroll in the real class of photographer xx

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