BEAUTY: Glo Minerals Make Up Challenge

I was challenged by Glo Minerals to use a few of their products to recreate a make up look from an era of my choice.

I started to do some research and when I sat down and actually thought about it, it was obvious. Who had the most iconic look?! Twiggy, Duh! She was one of the first international supermodels ever and a huge fashion icon of the 1960s.  She became very well known for her big eyes, short hair and drawn on eyelashes. So that's what I tried to recreate!
I started by drawing on the eyelashes, this was defiantly a good place to start as it took me about 25 attempts before I  was happy to move on - you have to draw  alot further into your cheek than you would expect! For this I used my Barry M Blink eyeliner pen, I tried with the liquid eyeliner but I just couldn't get it right.

Then I dusted my eyelids with the glo minterals white eyeshadow and used the liquid eyeliner to thinly line my lids, this was the only part I was confident in hahah

After that I used an eyeliner pencil just to line the crease, doing this felt very odd but it had to be done, its a huge part of this look!

and I guess that was just about it! I put on my very 60s monochrome shift dress and pushed my hair as far to one side as it would go! I had to take my own photos because Andrew wasn't here. I did this whole thing on my own haha!
How do you think I did?

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