CHRISTMAS: Chatty Feet

Why is it that everyone thinks socks are such a naff gift?! I guess they aren't as a full on main present but as an extra or a stocking filler I think they are great.

Last week, I went to the #LDNxmasmeet, which was great by the way, I'm going to try to get a proper post together for that. But anyway, in the goody bag I got a pair of super cute socks from Chatty Feet. I thought they were really fun so I checked out the website and got talking to the the lovely PR people there who sent me a selection of them to show you guys here on my blog!

New socks are always welcome at my house becuase once you have worn your socks, they go into the dirty washing never to be seen again. I don't know where they go, they just dissapear. These are going to make great little extra presents for everyone! I love the bright colours and bold designs as well as each of them having their own name, and at £6 a pair they are the perfect price!
and if Molly is around when I'm taking photos, there sure to be one of her too.


  1. Hi Georgina, I saw your post from Katie at Gold Dust!! Molly is sooo precious!! What an adorable/beautiful woofy!! My cats' name is Molly!! I guess all Molly's are Great, lol!! Happy Holidays to you both!! XOXO

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  3. Agreed, cool socks are not naff at all! Seen the Huf weed leaf socks? I'd give 'em to my grandad!

  4. They are such cool socks!


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