FASHION: Pleather Shift Dress From Missguided

I picked up this dress earlier in the year as part of my winter warmers challenge with net voucher codes.  At the time, shift dresses weren't so popular and I wasn't sure if I'd like it, I don't normally wear things so loose but when it arrived, I fell in love with it! They shape and the marital. It was so easy to slip on and that was my outfit finished.

I took these photos ages ago but I did also wear this dress to the Access all ASOS christmas party. I was invited last minute and literally had 45 minutes to get ready and get across to the other side of London. I know a normal person in that situation wouldn't worry about being on time, just turn up when they could but I'm super crazy, I hate being late and I wanted to get there as fast as I could. I threw this dress on with a pair of flats and left, that was it, threw my eye liner and a mirror in my bag and jumped on the train, I turned up, 15 minutes late, which wasnt bad considering - totally 100% happy with how I looked! It was great!

Shoes* - SpyLoveBuy


  1. That dress looks gorgeous on you, I love the way it sits. Those shoes are amazing too!! x

  2. I am so envious you can wear shoes so high! x

  3. those shoessss! i cant stop staring at them.


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